Leki NEOLITE Carbon Ski Pole Pro G PAS Grip

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The NEOLITE CARBON is the ultimate choice for those seeking big things from a small package. The NEOLITE CARBON features a low-profile ProG PAS grip. This innovative grip offers a tacky surface, ensuring secure and firm contact between the hand and the pole. The strap is easily adjustable to cater to individual preferences, providing a comfortable and personalized fit. The NEOLITE CARBON boasts a 12 mm carbon fiber shaft, resulting in a featherweight pole (just 8 ounces) that remains stiff and responsive. Experience the ultimate blend of lightweight construction and excellent performance with the NEOLITE ski pole.

USER HEIGHT  60" 62-64" 66" 68-70" 72" 74" 76"
SUGGESTED POLE LENGTH 105cm/42" 110cm/44" 115cm/46" 120cm/48" 125cm/50" 130cm/52" 135cm/54"
Gender: Unisex
Construction: Fixed length
Sizerun: 110 - 135 cm (5 cm steps)
Weight: 219 g , 228 g , 237 g , 246 g , 255 g , 264 g
Grip: ProG PAS
Grip size: Standard
Strap: Lock Security Strap Nylon Neoprene
Strap size: One Size (continously adjustable)
Number of segments: 1
Shaft Diameter: 12 mm
Shaft Material: Carbon (CC 600)
Basket: Alpine , Racing | Trekking
Tip: Flex Tip
Tip Spike: Steel