A-B Skis Book

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Written by Olympic skier Libby Ludlow, A-B-Skis is a children’s alphabet book about the magical world of skiing. Designed to instill a lifelong love for skiing, A-B-Skis is a glimpse into everything that’s at the heart of the sport—from hot chocolate breaks to ripping runs with friends. The colorful illustrations by internationally-known illustrator and PSIA ski instructor Nathan Jarvis pique kid’s curiosity for the winter wonderland that awaits them on the slopes, while a playful rhymes guide kids through everything they can expect on a typical ski day. Whether it’s the feeling of wind in your face, the freedom of being in the mountains, or sharing a chairlift ride with good friends, most of us can agree: there’s just something special about the sport of skiing. We’ve embraced it as a fun escape, a welcome challenge, and a heartfelt lifestyle… But what about the kids in our lives? The ones who haven’t discovered skiing yet, or are just learning? Finally, there’s a way to share your passion for skiing with the tiniest of humans.