Leki Carbon 14 3D Ski Pole

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The light Carbon 14 3D is made of 100 percent carbon and was equipped with the new Trigger 3D Slalom grip. The new Trigger 3D System offers more control through a direct connection between the gloves and poles. In addition, the ease of use has been improved for quick, simple click in and out and a larger release range through an innovative, three-dimensional triggering in which the triggering spectrum has been expanded four times.


  • TRIGER 3D - The Trigger 3D system is the further development of the Trigger S technology. With it's 220° release angle, the ease of use is even better and the risk of injury even lower.
  • TRIGGER 3D SLALOM GRIP - Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort. The slalom grip is compatible with all trigger straps and gloves.
  • ADAPTER CAP - Enables assembly of LEKI Gate Guards.
  • TRIGGER ALPINE STRAP - Infinitely adjustable strap with a wide support surface and a perfect fit. Easily click in and out of the pole with the Trigger Loop.
  • ALPINE BASKET - Ideal to hit the slopes. Tool-less basket replacement.
  • ALPINE FLEX TIP - More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.


USER HEIGHT  60" 62-64" 66" 68-70" 72" 74" 76"
SUGGESTED POLE LENGTH 105cm/42" 110cm/44" 115cm/46" 120cm/48" 125cm/50" 130cm/52" 135cm/54"