American Snow

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In fascinating pictures and superbly written text, American Snow tells the story of how the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) has been at the heart of the snowsports revolution in America for 50 years. Since organizing in a cafeteria in Montana in 1961, PSIA (now PSIA-AASI) has led advances in the way skiers float through powder, snowboarders blast out of halfpipes, cross-country skiers wend through the woods, and how people with disabilities get their groove on in snow. An endless obsession with the thrill of gravity, the way people learn, and the happiness that a day outdoors in the winter can bring have resulted in a series of on-snow innovations that have rocked the world of snowsports again and again. American Snow, written by award-winning author and editor Peter Kray, is the true story of great breakthroughs—and the incredible people behind them. It’s also a sneak peek at innovations to come. This is the untold story of U.S. skiing and snowboarding instruction, and is a must for every instructor’s library or coffee table. 8 x 10". Soft cover. 122 pages. 2011.