2021 Teaching Children Snowsports Manual

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This brand-new manual gives you tools to become a great children's instructor. Children’s learning and development concepts are updated and brought to life with specific examples on all types of equipment: alpine, cross country, snowboard, and telemark. 6 x 9”. 242 pages. Current Members have free digital access to this manual.

“What makes a great children’s instructor?” Teaching Children Snowsports answers this question, while also highlighting the nuances of teaching children versus teaching adults. The wisdom of dozens of skilled instructors and coaches – as well as new research and recent educational developments within PSIA-AASI’s American Teaching System – have gone into this manual, providing a must-have resource for instructors given the awesome opportunity to turn children into lifelong skiers and snowboarders. It offers on-snow teaching tips, a modern take on enduring educational theory, and “side hits” and “secret stashes” filled with fun facts and kid-centric takeaways you can use to build your knowledge base and enrich every lesson. Whether you’re an inexperienced instructor or seasoned veteran, Teaching Children Snowsports has something for everyone. PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection, with its emphasis on people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills, provides the framework on which this manual is built... and its cornerstone is the CAP Model, which offers insight on how kids think and perceive (the cognitive realm of development), how they react and socialize (the affective realm), and how they grow and learn to move (the physical realm). In essence, this manual explains how instructors can combine the CAP Model with the Learning Connection to create engaging learning experiences for all children, no matter their stage of development. This manual delivers technical knowledge – in different snowsports disciplines – coupled with ways to shape your personal interactions and teaching tactics to present this information at a kid-friendly level. What makes a great children’s instructor? Dive into this manual to find out!

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