Phunkshun Art Contest Custom Mistral Double Tube by Justine Waggett

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This awesome design was the Phunkshun's Choice Winner of the 2022 "Design Your Winter" art contest! Submitted by Justine Waggett!

Versatile enough to weather warm spring days and cool winter nights, the Water Repellent / Freeze Resistant Mistral Double Tube has been redesigned to accommodate an ergonomic tapered neckline to increase protective coverage while reducing bunching and improving comfort.


  • Ergo-Phit - Countured neckline improves comfort and performance.
  • Anti-Phunk - Inhibits bacterial growth reduces odor from forming.
  • UPF 50+
  • Anti-Phreeze - Durable water repellency promotes a resistance to freezing.
  • EZ-Breathe - A knitted fabric that breathes
  • Max Wick - Fast Acting Moisture Management Wicks Faster To Keep You Dry Longer