Lorpen T3 Nordic Ski Light Sock

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This is a fantastic sock for nordic skiers who need warmth, padding, and dryness.

Features unique T3 contruction with maximum cushioning for protection and warmth. The combination of Merino Wool and PrimaLoft Yarn results in faster drying and wicking than just Merino Wool while still maintaining a comfortable feel against the skin. Best suited for cold or damp weather trails where moisture is an issue.

Primaloft Yarn is made up of ultra-fine polyester fibers which are finer than cashmere, resulting in a luxuriously soft feel while providing unparalleled moisture wicking. When hiking, climbing or doing any aerobic activity, your body works up a sweat and emits heat and perspiration, but when you suddenly sit idle, you can easily start to freeze with an insulation that absorbs water. Primaloft fibers wick moisture away from the skin and trap body heat.