Performance Speed 5, Turquoise, -10C/-19C, 180g

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Fine-tune performance with the specific wax for the current conditions. Each wax has its own strengths, so here are key facts to keep in mind. • PS05 (temperature range 14-0˚F): The hardest and most durable wax in the Swix line; ideal for cold conditions. • PS06 (temperature range 21-10˚F): Highly durable and offers great performance in most snow conditions as well as on artificial and glacier snow. • PS07 (temperature range 18-28˚F): A wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get good results. • PS08 (temperature range 25-39˚F): An economic training and racing wax as well as base-prep wax for warm skis. Easy to melt and very easy to work with. • PS10 (temperature range 32-50˚F): For use in the warmest conditions or to protect your bases while storing your skis in the off season.