Phunkshun Prism Single-Layer Tube Teal

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The Prism Single Tube is designed to better fit petite individuals that find the Dendrite too large. The gap between youth and adult sizes is now filled by the Prism.


  • Slim Phit - A narrow design for a snug fit.
  • Anti-Phunk - Inhibits bacterial growth reduces odor from forming.
  • UPF 50+
  • Anti-Phreeze - Durable water repellency promotes a resistance to freezing.
  • EZ-Breathe - A knitted fabric that breathes
  • 4-Way Stretch - Eco blend of multi directional stretch fabric.
  • Wicking - Moving Moisture Helps Temperature Regulation & Comfort.
  • Multi Wear - Phind Your Style With Multiple Ways To Wear