Helicon Adjustable Backcountry Ski Pole

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The Helicon is a backcountry workhorse that won't break the bank. A two piece aluminum construction with SpeedLock+ for easy adjustment. Featuring the Evocon grip with extended foam grip for comfort and versatility.


  • EVOCON SOFT - Positive Angle grip with optimised non-slip surface and easily adjustable security strap.
  • ALUMINUM - Super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable.
  • SL+ ADJUSTMENT- Extremely fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves. Smaller and lighter than SL 1.
  • BINDING BASKET - The Binding Baskets feature a rigid edge allowing for simple adjustment of AT heel lifters on the fly or clearing snow easily from the bases or top sheets of skis.
  • CARBIDE FLEXTIP (LONG) - Perfect for backcountry skiing. More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains.